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wagta-karuwan-sadaha-1වගා කරුවන් සඳහා තාක්ෂණික උපෙදස්

Agri Forum

A common meeting place for public discussion, debate and criticism regarding the agriculture sector in Sri Lanka.


Multimedia assisted know how of agricultural crops in your own language and learn at your own pace.


The free Agriculture encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

About WikiGoviya . . .

Wikigoviya is a latest addition to the ICT based agriculture extension campaign of the Audio Visual Centre of the Department of Agriculture expected to attract more audience than ever. The name Wikigoviya is introduced to show the concept behind the project. The prefix 'Wiki' represents the web technology used for developing this website and the suffix 'Goviya' represents the local agriculture in Sri Lanka. The primary role of the WikiGoviya is to promote agriculture in an aesthetically pleasing means of ICT to bridge the information gap of rural farmers with the rest of the world and expects the collaborative contribution of agriculture community (AC) through the participatory approaches of the web technology.